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Enabling GEOINT accuracy through geodetic, geophysical and photogrammetric sciences and content.

"Geodesy remains our life blood"

-- Robert Cardillo, NGA Director
The Director's Intent, 10/3/14
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Equipment Loan Programs

The multinational cooperation of the NGA Equipment Loan Programs strengthens international ties with the US. Through these initiatives NGA has helped countries establish local control for furthering their own internal infrastructure. To request NGA equipment for loan please contact the NGA Office of Corporate Communications (OCC).

Gravity Meter Loan Program
The Gravity Meter Loan Program is one of the older multinational initiatives at NGA, established to further one of NGA's long-standing missions, namely to collect, process, and analyze gravity data. Through bilateral agreements, NGA will furnish equipment to other countries to help them establish a better means of local geodetic control in exchange for the gravity data they collect.

Survey Equipment Loan Program
The Surveying Equipment Loan Program is another multinational initiative at NGA. Through this program NGA will loan out surveying equipment to enable countries to establish or refine current or existing surveying networks, within their country. Surveying equipment is loaned to these countries through bilateral agreements in exchange for the data that is collected.

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