EGM2008 Gravity Anomalies and DOV Data

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EGM08 Gravity Anomalies


The official Earth Gravitational Model EGM2008 has been publicly released by the NGA EGM Development Team. This gravitational model is complete to spherical harmonic degree and order 2159, and contains additional coefficients extending to degree 2190 and order 2159.

This page contains data files of Free-Air Gravity Anomalies and Deflections of the Vertical (DOV) computed from EGM2008. All computations were performed using the Tide-Free version of EGM2008 to degree 2190. The WGS 84 Geodetic Reference System (GRS) was used to define the geometry and the normal gravitational potential of the reference ellipsoid. The computed values refer to the surface of this reference ellipsoid. These data files were computed on a SUN computer, which uses a BIG ENDIAN internal binary representation. For further details and statistics of the data, please see the README file.

Also, before using any of the data files on this web page, please read the disclaimer.

Free-Air Gravity Anomalies and Deflections Of the Vertical Data

Point Values on a Global 2.5 x 2.5-Minute Grid

Area-Mean Values of Free-Air Gravity Anomalies on a Global 5 x 5-Minute Grid

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