Equipment Loan Program

The NGA Geosciences Division principal directive is to continue as the preeminent Geodetic Sciences provider in the world.  In concert with this goal the Geosciences Division has an exclusive inventory of geodetic technical equipment for virtually any earth science survey application.  All instrumentation is available for loan at no monetary cost for qualified interests, the only contingency being proper maintenance of loaned items and sharing of scientific data and/or expertise.

Our equipment cache includes a complete array of every kind of gravimeter for conducting scientific research in any geophysical environment over land, sea, under the sea, or on an airborne platform.

micro-gravity meter
Gravity Meter - Lacosta Romberg
Micro Gravity Meter
absolute gravity meter
marine gravity meter
air-sea gravity meter
ocean-bottom grav meter
Absolute Gravity Meter
Marine Gravity Meter
Air-Sea Gravity Meter
Ocean Bottom Gravity Meter


The Geosciences Division equipment loan inventory also includes instruments for astro-geodetic and geopositioning applications, GPS, astrolabes, etc.

GPS equipment
GPS Equipment


Contact the Equipment Loan Program Manager at NGA Office of Geomatics, Geosciences Division: +1 (314) 676-0863