WGS 84, N=M=180 Earth Gravitational Model

WGS 84, n=m=180, 30-Minute Geoid Height File

This file contains the latitudes, longitudes, and geoid heights for every point on a 30'x30' spaced grid. The data is worldwide in coverage and is used as input for three FORTRAN programs which can interpolate from the grid, a geoid height at any given latitude and longitude. For more information on the Bi-linear Interpolation Method, click on the document below. The thirty-minute geoid height point values are generated from WGS 84, n=m=180 EGM coefficients. Before using any of the software or data files on this web pages, please click here and read the disclaimer.

WGS 84, n=m=180 EGM Coefficient File

The EGM180.NOR file contains normalized geopotential coefficients (Cnm, Snm) for the WGS 84 Earth Gravity Model complete to degree (n) and order (m) 180. It is used as input to the FORTRAN program, CLENQT.FOR, which utilizes spherical harmonics to compute the gravimetric quantities described in the user instructions.

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