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Earth Gravitational Model 2008 (EGM2008)

What's New?

  • April, 2013 - EGM2008 Citation included below with Links to reference EGM2008 and the EGM2008 Erratum are given on left under Additional Information.

    EGM2008 Citation: The development and evaluation of the Earth Gravitational Model 2008 (EGM2008) - Nikolaos K. Pavlis, Simon A. Holmes, Steve C. Kenyon, John K. Factor; Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth (1978-2012) Volume 117, Issue B4, April 2012
  • May, 2009 - Global 2.5 Minute Geoid Undulation Grid available in GIS format.
  • February, 2009 - Middle East Geoid Undulation Grid available in GIS format.
  • February, 2009 - Propagated Error Estimates of EGM2008 released.
  • January, 2009 - Utility to convert binary files from Big Endian to Small Endian released.
  • January, 2009 - Gravity Anomalies & Deflections of the Vertical data released.
  • November, 2008 - SMALL ENDIAN versions of binary files released.
  • November, 2008 - Files & Products for Oceanographic Applications released.
  • July, 2008 - WGS 84 version of EGM2008 released. Includes grids and programs for computing geoid undulations relative to WGS 84 Ellipsoid.

The official Earth Gravitational Model EGM2008 has been publicly released by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) EGM Development Team. This gravitational model is complete to spherical harmonic degree and order 2159, and contains additional coefficients extending to degree 2190 and order 2159. Full access to the model's coefficients and other descriptive files with additional details about EGM2008 are provided within these web pages. For more information, visit the links on the left side of this page.

Please provide comments, suggestions, and feedback to the contacts below as we strive to improve our EGM2008 products. Thank you!

Dr. Nikolaos Pavlis
NGA, Geodesy and Geophysics Basic and Applied Research
NGA Office of Geomatics (SN)
EGM2008 Development Team
email the Team
Point of Contact: Office of Geomatics
phone (314) 676-9127, DSN 846-9127

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