Ballistic Missile Products

GEOINT Sciences (SN) has a proud history of ballistic missile support for Department of Defense (DoD) systems. For decades, the nation's ballistic missile systems have relied on SN gravity anomaly, geodetic position, and deflection values for accurate launch and in-flight navigation. Active support in the ballistic missile program continues with an annual gravity anomaly product used for Trident missile fire control and gravity surveys required for initialization of the Trident Ships Inertial Navigation System (SINS). In addition, SN geodetic survey support continues at the DoD test ranges.

As missile technology transforms away from inertial-only systems, SN missile analysis is transforming with it. In addition to gravity data support and model analysis, SN stands ready to apply our years of unique expertise in trajectory and target miss error analysis to today's national security systems. Also, SN is prepared to apply this knowledge in assistance to Intelligence Community assessment of foreign missile systems.

Point of Contact: Weapon Systems Analysis Branch
phone (314) 676-9127, DSN 846-9127

Document last modified September 6, 2007