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MSP::Egm2008GeoidGrid Class Referenceabstract

#include <egm2008_geoid_grid.h>

Inheritance diagram for MSP::Egm2008GeoidGrid:
MSP::Egm2008AoiGrid MSP::Egm2008FullGrid

Public Member Functions

 Egm2008GeoidGrid (void)
 Egm2008GeoidGrid (const std::string &gridFname)
 Egm2008GeoidGrid (const Egm2008GeoidGrid &oldGrid)
virtual ~Egm2008GeoidGrid (void)
Egm2008GeoidGridoperator= (const Egm2008GeoidGrid &oldGrid)
virtual int geoidHeight (int wSize, double latitude, double longitude, double &gHeight)=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual int geoidHeight (double latitude, double longitude, double &gHeight)=0
int loadGridCoords (int i, int j, double &latitude, double &longitude)
int initSpline (int n, const double posts[], double moments[])
double spline (int n, double x, const double posts[], const double moments[])
void swapBytes (void *buffer, size_t size, size_t count)
int swGridIndices (double latitude, double longitude, int &i, int &j)

Protected Attributes

std::string _gridFname
int _nGridPad
int _nGridRows
int _nGridCols
int _nOrigRows
int _nOrigCols
double _baseLatitude
double _baseLongitude
double _dLat
double _dLon
MSP::CCSThreadMutex _mutex

Detailed Description

Definition at line 58 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Egm2008GeoidGrid::Egm2008GeoidGrid ( void  )

Definition at line 101 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.cpp.

Egm2008GeoidGrid::Egm2008GeoidGrid ( const std::string &  gridFname)

Definition at line 208 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.cpp.

Egm2008GeoidGrid::Egm2008GeoidGrid ( const Egm2008GeoidGrid oldGrid)

Definition at line 273 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.cpp.

Egm2008GeoidGrid::~Egm2008GeoidGrid ( void  )

Definition at line 318 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int MSP::Egm2008GeoidGrid::geoidHeight ( int  wSize,
double  latitude,
double  longitude,
double &  gHeight 
pure virtual
virtual int MSP::Egm2008GeoidGrid::geoidHeight ( double  latitude,
double  longitude,
double &  gHeight 
protectedpure virtual
int Egm2008GeoidGrid::initSpline ( int  n,
const double  posts[],
double  moments[] 

Definition at line 486 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.cpp.

int Egm2008GeoidGrid::loadGridCoords ( int  i,
int  j,
double &  latitude,
double &  longitude 

Definition at line 390 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.cpp.

Egm2008GeoidGrid & Egm2008GeoidGrid::operator= ( const Egm2008GeoidGrid oldGrid)

Definition at line 335 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.cpp.

double Egm2008GeoidGrid::spline ( int  n,
double  x,
const double  posts[],
const double  moments[] 

Definition at line 642 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.cpp.

void Egm2008GeoidGrid::swapBytes ( void *  buffer,
size_t  size,
size_t  count 

Definition at line 773 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.cpp.

int Egm2008GeoidGrid::swGridIndices ( double  latitude,
double  longitude,
int &  i,
int &  j 

Definition at line 816 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

double MSP::Egm2008GeoidGrid::_baseLatitude

Definition at line 108 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.h.

double MSP::Egm2008GeoidGrid::_baseLongitude

Definition at line 114 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.h.

double MSP::Egm2008GeoidGrid::_dLat

Definition at line 118 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.h.

double MSP::Egm2008GeoidGrid::_dLon

Definition at line 122 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.h.

std::string MSP::Egm2008GeoidGrid::_gridFname

Definition at line 71 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.h.

MSP::CCSThreadMutex MSP::Egm2008GeoidGrid::_mutex

Definition at line 126 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.h.

int MSP::Egm2008GeoidGrid::_nGridCols

Definition at line 92 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.h.

int MSP::Egm2008GeoidGrid::_nGridPad

Definition at line 82 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.h.

int MSP::Egm2008GeoidGrid::_nGridRows

Definition at line 87 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.h.

int MSP::Egm2008GeoidGrid::_nOrigCols

Definition at line 102 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.h.

int MSP::Egm2008GeoidGrid::_nOrigRows

Definition at line 97 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.h.

int MSP::Egm2008GeoidGrid::MAX_WSIZE

Definition at line 65 of file egm2008_geoid_grid.h.