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MSP::CCS::TransverseMercator Class Reference

#include <TransverseMercator.h>

Inheritance diagram for MSP::CCS::TransverseMercator:

Public Member Functions

 TransverseMercator (double ellipsoidSemiMajorAxis, double ellipsoidFlattening, double centralMeridian, double latitudeOfTrueScale, double falseEasting, double falseNorthing, double scaleFactor, char *ellipsoidCode)
 TransverseMercator (const TransverseMercator &tm)
 ~TransverseMercator (void)
TransverseMercatoroperator= (const TransverseMercator &tm)
MapProjection5ParametersgetParameters () const
MSP::CCS::MapProjectionCoordinatesconvertFromGeodetic (MSP::CCS::GeodeticCoordinates *geodeticCoordinates)
MSP::CCS::GeodeticCoordinatesconvertToGeodetic (MSP::CCS::MapProjectionCoordinates *mapProjectionCoordinates)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MSP::CCS::CoordinateSystem
 CoordinateSystem ()
 CoordinateSystem (double _semiMajorAxis, double _flattening)
 ~CoordinateSystem ()
void getEllipsoidParameters (double *_semiMajorAxis, double *_flattening)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from MSP::CCS::CoordinateSystem
double semiMajorAxis
double flattening

Detailed Description

This class provides conversions between Geodetic coordinates (latitude and longitude) and Transverse Mercator projection coordinates (easting and northing).

Definition at line 59 of file TransverseMercator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TransverseMercator::TransverseMercator ( double  ellipsoidSemiMajorAxis,
double  ellipsoidFlattening,
double  centralMeridian,
double  latitudeOfTrueScale,
double  falseEasting,
double  falseNorthing,
double  scaleFactor,
char *  ellipsoidCode 

The constructor receives the ellipsoid parameters and Tranverse Mercator projection parameters as inputs, and sets the corresponding state variables. If any errors occur, an exception is thrown with a description of the error.

ellipsoidSemiMajorAxisSemi-major ellipsoid axis (meters)
ellipsoidFlatteningFlattening of ellipsoid
centralMeridianProjection origin Longitude (radians)
latitudeOfTrueScaleProjection origin Latitude (radians)
falseEastingEasting/X at projection center
falseNorthingNorthing/Y at projection center
scaleFactorProjection scale factor

Definition at line 54 of file TransverseMercator.cpp.

TransverseMercator::TransverseMercator ( const TransverseMercator tm)

Copy Constructor

Definition at line 118 of file TransverseMercator.cpp.

TransverseMercator::~TransverseMercator ( void  )


Definition at line 124 of file TransverseMercator.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

MSP::CCS::MapProjectionCoordinates * TransverseMercator::convertFromGeodetic ( MSP::CCS::GeodeticCoordinates geodeticCoordinates)

Converts geodetic (latitude and longitude) coordinates to Transverse Mercator projection (easting and northing) coordinates, according to the current ellipsoid and Transverse Mercator projection coordinates.

longitudeLongitude in radians (input)
latitudeLatitude in radians (input)
eastingEasting/X in meters (output)
northingNorthing/Y in meters (output)

Definition at line 169 of file TransverseMercator.cpp.

MSP::CCS::GeodeticCoordinates * TransverseMercator::convertToGeodetic ( MSP::CCS::MapProjectionCoordinates mapProjectionCoordinates)

Definition at line 283 of file TransverseMercator.cpp.

MSP::CCS::MapProjection5Parameters * TransverseMercator::getParameters ( ) const

The function getParameters returns the current ellipsoid and Transverse Mercator projection parameters.

Transverse Mercator projection parameters.

Definition at line 160 of file TransverseMercator.cpp.

TransverseMercator & TransverseMercator::operator= ( const TransverseMercator tm)

Equals operator

Definition at line 128 of file TransverseMercator.cpp.