Office of GEOINT Sciences: Geodetic Survey Tools

The Geodetic Survey Division (Ranges) uses the most modern geodetic surveying equipment and data acquisition techniques to produce quality products for their users.
GPS Receiver Ashtech Model Z-XII GPS Receiver

Dual frequency P-Code receivers, L1/L2.

Geodimeter Geodimeter 540

Using conventional geodetic survey techniques, the Geodimeter 540 is used for measuring angles, distances, and differences in elevation.

Gravity Meter LaCoste and Romberg Relative Gravity Meter Model-G

The Model-G gravity meters, used to measure relative gravity, has a range of over 7000 milligals, and a reading accuracy of +/- .01 milligal.

A35M A35M Astrolabe

The A35M is a self-contained system providing data collection for real-time astronomical positioning. It is specifically designed to be field portable for accurate determination of astronomic latitude and longitude.

DKM 3 Kern DKM 3AX Theodolite

This instrument is capable of measuring angles and azimuths to a 10th of an arc second, meets the precise requirements of geodetic surveying. It is used to observe first and second order triangulation, and astronomic azimuths.

Point of Contact: Geodetic Surveys Division
phone (314) 676-9152, DSN 846-9152

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