GIS MGRS Grid Data layers in GIS Format

Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Downloads

Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) Downloads

World Wide 100k MGRS Layer (file size 9.3 MB) is a shapefile that allows you to label each 100,000m grid square with its two-letter designation or its UTM zone.

MGRS Grid Zone Designators (6°x 8°) (file size 1 MB) Shapefiles of the 6°x 8° zones.

10k UTM Layers (file size 81 MB)Continent-sized shapefiles of 10,000m spaced UTM grid. Lines are labeled with UTM easting and northing values.

1000m UTM Layer over Baghdad (file size .2 MB)

1000m UTM Layer over Liberia (file size .9 MB)

1000m UTM layer for MGRS Grid Zone Desginator 16R

38R Kuwait (file size 26.0 MB)

39R Kuwait (file size 27.4 MB)

1km MGRS Zone 41 RS (file size 24.7 MB)

1km MGRS Zone 42 RS (file size 24.5 MB)

1km MGRS Zone 43 RS (file size 24.5 MB)

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