Datum, Grids Projections Working Group

"The NGA Office of Geomatics has established the "Datums, Grids and Projections Working Group" (DGP/WG). The ultimate purpose of the DGP/WG is to ensure that NGA customers can rely on the WGS 84 positional information we supply when the original source of the information was referenced to a local datum or grid reference system.

NGA publication TR8350.2, "Department of Defense World Geodetic System 1984, Its Definition and Relationships with Local Geodetic Systems" lists datum transformation parameters to convert over 100 local datums to WGS 84. This list has sufficed for most NGA requirements. However, valuable geospatial information still exists that is referenced to local datums which are not listed in TR8350.2 or is on unknown datums that need to be converted to WGS 84. To ensure that consistent, correct information is given to our customers, the DGP/WG will be dedicated to addressing these remaining datum issues.

To this end, any datum or datum transformation issue that cannot be resolved by referencing TR8350.2 should be forwarded to the DGP/WG by e-mailing the Office of Geomatics web mail address gandg@nga.mil.

Point of Contact: Coordinate Systems Analysis Team
phone (314) 676-9124, DSN 846-9124

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