Helmert Transformations

NATO Geodesy and Geophysics Working Group

To Submit Datum Transformation Parameters to the NATO GG Working Group

Transformation Methods

It is imperative that the correct parameters be used, depending on the transformation method in the software.

NGA/TR8350.2 and GEOTRANS uses the Standard Molodensky Formula

NATO/STANAG 2211 endorses seven-parameter Helmert

Seven-parameter Helmert

In general, two three-dimensional coordinate systems in space are related to each other by the following equations:

Helmert equations


D X   Translation along the X-axis
D Y   Translation along the Y-axis
D Z   Translation along the Z-axis
RX    Rotation about the X-axis
RY    Rotation about the Y-axis
RZ    Rotation about the Z-axis
D S   Scale factor

To view the NATO listing of Local to WGS 84 Helmert Datum Transformation Parameters
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