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Geographic Names Standardization Policies By Country In partnership with the United States Board on Geographic Names, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency promulgates policies on geographic names standardization for all of the countries, dependencies, and areas of special sovereignty of the world. These policies describe the methods that are used to arrive at standard spellings of geographic names from the country or dependency in question. Per Congressional statute, the standard spellings are mandated for use by all US government employees. Click on a link below to view the standardization policy for that country.


Afghanistan (December 2012)
Argentina (November 2011)
Azerbaijan (June 2014)
Bolivia (November 2011)
Brazil (August 2011)
Chile (November 2011)
China (June 2013)
Colombia (August 2011)
Costa Rica (December 2012)
Cyprus (December 2012)
Ecuador (December 2012)
Egypt (January 2012)
Greece (December 2012)
Guatemala (December 2012)
Guyana (December 2014)
Honduras (August 2012)
Iran (December 2012)
Iraq (March 2013)
Kyrgyzstan (March 2014)
Mexico (November 2011)
Nigeria (April 2011)
Paraguay (April 2012)
Peru (August 2011, Revised January 2012)
Philippines (March 2013)
Saudi Arabia (June 2014)
Taiwan (April 2011)
Turkey (December 2013)
Uruguay (April 2012)
Venezuela (April 2011)

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Document last modified December 11, 2014

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