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Results Output Format

Field Name Field Description
Name Type

Name Types are:
C = Conventional name;
N = Approved name;
NS = Non-roman script name;
D = Unverified or daggered name;
DS = Unverified name in non-roman script;
H = Historic name;
HS = Historic name in non-roman script;
P = Provisional name;
V = Variant or alternate name;
VA = Anglicized variant name;
VS = Variant name in non-roman script

NAME The full name is a complete name which identifies the named feature. It is comprised of the specific name, generic name, and any articles or prepositions. The query returns the specific part of the name first followed by a comma and then the generic part and any article or prepositions. Names that are enclosed in double parenthesis (( Name )) are features that are believed to no longer exist. User should click on the returned name to receive any additional names for the feature.

Generic - The descriptive part of the full name (does not apply to populated place names).
Short Form - A specific part of the name that could substitute for the full name.
REGION Region Code.  A code that determines the character mapping used in the Full_Name field.
1 = Western Europe/Americas;
2 = Eastern Europe;
3 = Africa/Middle East;
4 = Central Asia;
5 = Asia/Pacific;
6 = Vietnam.
DESIG Feature Designation Code .  A two to five-character code used to identify the type of feature to which a name is applied.
LATITUDE Latitude of the feature in degrees.
LONGITUDE Longitude of the feature in degrees.
AREA Area Code is made up to two parts. The first two characters are the Country Code and the second two characters are the First-Order Administrative Division Code:

Country Code - A two alphabetic character code uniquely identifying a geopolitical entity (countries, dependencies, and areas of special sovereignty);
First-Order Administrative Division - A two alphanumeric character code uniquely identifying a primary administrative division of a country, such as a state in the United States.
MGRS Military Grid Reference System coordinates coordinate grid reference.
JOG NO. Joint Operations Graphic reference.
UFI Unique Feature Identifier.  A number which uniquely identifies the feature.
UNI Unique Name Identifier.  A number which uniquely identifies a name.
PPL Class Populated Place Classification.  A graduated numerical scale denoting the relative importance of a populated place.  The scale ranges from 1,  relatively high, to 5, relatively low. This is a new column and is not usually filled in.
MOD_DATE Modify Date and Time.  The Modify Date and Time is the date that the feature was added to the database or the date the last change was made to any field in the feature record. 


Point of Contact: GEOnet Names Server
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phone 571-557-5959, DSN 547-5959

Document last modified September 24, 2014

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