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Bathymetric Glossary

“A Glossary of World Bathymetric Terms and Their English Language Equivalents”

ACUF Member Norman Cherkis, retired from the Naval Research Laboratory, published this document in 1970 as NRL Report 7094. The report is an invaluable compilation of common undersea generic terms from fourteen languages. The report has been scanned and is available in .pdf format.

An Expanded Glossary of World Bathymetric Terms

Now that the Geographic Names Database can store non-Roman script data, a project was undertaken to compile a bathymetric glossary wtih non-Roman script forms, where available. This glossary is a work in progress.

Microsoft© Access Features Database

This Access database was developed in 2004 as an effort to make the anecdotal information about the undersea feature names more readily available. The simple interface also provides access to just the undersea features without having to use the GNS interface. Although the majority of the data remains current, the user should note that changes made to the BGN-approved undersea feature names file since mid-2004 are not reflected in the Access database.


This Month in Marine Geography

This Month in Marine Geography is a one-page monthly bulletin addressing developments and media reporting on issues related to maritime nomenclature and maritime boundary issues.

Gazetteer of Undersea Features

ACUF: A Memoir

Written by RADM Harley Nygren, NOAA Corps (ret.). RADM Nygren was a founding ACUF Member (1963-1966)

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