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Enabling GEOINT accuracy through geodetic, geophysical and photogrammetric sciences and content.

"Geodesy remains our life blood"

-- Robert Cardillo, NGA Director
The Director's Intent, 10/3/14
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Controlled Imagery

The NGA Office of Geomatics produces precise imagery giving our nation the strength to plan, maneuver and target global objectives and advances the strategic and competitive advantages of our nation through science and service.

Commercial Imagery (CI) Regional Orthos

Commercial Imagery orthomosaic products (CI Regional Orthos) are orthomosaics made from unclassified commercial satellite imagery. The orthomosaics are formatted to 30 minute x 30 minute cells, have a sub-meter resolution (0.5m - 1m), and can be either RGB (pansharpened) or Panchromatic.

CI Regional Orthos are used for feature extraction, mission planning, training, visualization, evacuation planning, disaster relief and recovery, and many other activities. While the imagery is unclassified, it's use and distribution is governed by the NextView licensing agreement. All imagery is copyrighted.

Controlled Image Base (CIB®)

CIB is a seamless database of controlled imagery that has been orthorectified and radiometrically balanced with a horizontal accuracy of 15 meters or better circular error 90% (CE90). CIB shows orthorectified land surface at the resolution of the selected product. CIB is produced and available as CIB01 (1-meter resolution and CIB05 (5-meter resolution). Considered a very important foundation based product, CIB is used by mission planners, FEMA, and in cockpit displays. It has been used for feature extraction and imagery registration.

Digital Point Positioning Database (DPPDB)

DPPDB is an accurately controlled stereo image based product with support data and CADRG (Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphics). It is used widely as an accurate image layer supporting a multitude of geospatial initiatives, such as feature and terrain extraction, scene visualization, and a control source.


Merged Cell Triangulation (MCT)
The result of efforts to improve the accuracy of imagery datasets, MCT is a triangulation process merging layers of Adjusted Mapping Support Data (AMSD) files resulting in unprecedented accuracy in support of precision coordinates derived from imagery.

Enhanced Controlled Image Base (ECIB)
ECIB is the next generation of CIB. When available, ECIB will have the ability to utilize multi-spectral imagery and output as a colored or panchromatic ortho-mosaic. ECIB will be available as 0.5 meter, 1 meter, and 5 meter resolutions.

Data Downloads

Data downloads require PKI certs. NGA products can be downloaded using the GEOINT Delivery Platform (GDP) and the Map of the World (MoW) "Download NGA Products" plugin.

  • GDP Home Page
  • MoW
    • Click the "Plugins" icon:
      MoW plugin icon
    • Click the "Download NGA Products" icon:
      MoW plugin icon
    • Click the desired product type:
      MoW product download types
    • Click the "eye" icon next to the desired product to begin the download:
      MoW eye icon

Services require PKI certs and allow visualization via the IC Portal or ArcGIS desktop (download). After selecting the link below, additional viewing options may be available by following the link under the "Map Contents" heading.

  • CIB Overviews Frames - CD, Overview, and Frame outlines for CIB01, CIB05, and CIB10. Imagery dates are included in attribution. After opening the map, select the "(MoW) CIB Overviews Frames" link and then check the box next to the desired product.
  • CIB Products - CD, Cell, and Frame outlines for CIB01, CIB05, and CIB10. Imagery dates are included in attribution. After opening the map, select the "(MoW) CIB Products" link and then check the box next to the desired product.

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