Notes Table

Note 1 Non-Satellite Derived
  Bangka and Belitung Islands (Indonesia)
  Camp McMurdo Area Antarctica
  Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Syria
  Kalimantan (Indonesia)
  Yugoslavia (Prior to 1990) Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia)
  Tunisia / Algeria
Note 2 Country Name Change Redesignation
  Czech Republic and Slovakia were formerly part of the country of Czechoslovakia
  Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina were formerly part of Yugoslavia
  Zaire was renamed to the Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Note 3 Country Name Change Redesignation Causing Possible Loss of Information
  Eritrea (Ethiopia) is designated by (MAS) code ; while Ethiopia is designated by (ADI-A) and (ADI-M)
Note 4 Multiple Datum Names
  Djakarta datum is also known as Batavia. Both names designated by (BAT) code.
  S-42 datum is known by Pulkovo 1942 with general code of (SPK) and specific countries with an additional letter.

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