NGA's TR8350.2 is the source document for the information contained in the Geodetic Datums Reference System webpage. It represents a modeling of the Earth to WGS-84 for those areas in the world where datum transformation parameters currently exist.


To acquire the information from this tool, the user can either

First Case: Country to Datum

  1. In the index map of the world, the user should click on the continent or ocean where the area of interest exists.
  2. This will bring one to an enlarged map of the area which requires the user to click on the country of interest.
  3. The user now arrives at a page which shows the transformation parameters and ellipsoid for his area of interest.
  4. If the country has several datums or several countries share one datum (such as in a mean solution), the user will be taken to a table to click on his choice before he is taken to the table with parameters.

At any time the user may click on the back button to return to the previous page of he can scroll to the bottom of the table and click on the links to the homepage and elsewhere.

Second Case: Datum to Country

  1. In table listing datums, click on desired selection.
  2. This takes the user to the table listing the country or countries for that datum. Click on the link for the country of interst in order to get parameters.

At any time the user may click on the back button to return to previous page or use the links at the bottom of the table.

Africa Table
Asia Table
Atlantic Table
Australia Table
Europe Table
Indian Ocean Table
North America Table
Pacific Table
South America Table


Point of Contact: Coordinate Systems Analysis Branch
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Email: gandg@nga.mil

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