Global Area Reference System (GARS): Downloads

GARS Shapefile (.shp) conversion to Falconview Drawing (.drw) files:
We can provide this service to convert GARS shapefiles into Falconview drawing files for use in Falconview and JMPS. Eventually the GARS drawing files will be made available on our websites for download, similar to the way the current GARS shapefiles are available. Contact us at (314) 676-9124 or email us at coordsys@nga.mil for more information.

Please Click on a 20° by 20° area to download GARS (30min, 15min, and 5min grids)

Additional Downloads Below the Graphic

80N180W to 90N160W 60N180W to 80N160W 40N180W to 60N160W 20N180W to 40N160W 0N180W to 20N160W 20S180W to 0N160W 40S180W to 20S160W 60S180W to 40S160W 80S180W to 60S160W 90S180W to 80S160W 80N160W to 90N140W 60N160W to 80N140W 40N160W to 60N140W 20N160W to 40N140W 0N160W to 20N140W 20S160W to 0N140W 40S160W to 20S140W 60S160W to 40S140W 80S160W to 60S140W 90S160W to 80S140W 80N140W to 90N120W 60N140W to 80N120W 40N140W to 60N120W 20N140W to 40N120W 0N140W to 20N120W 20S140W to 0N120W 40S140W to 20S120W 60S140W to 40S120W 80S140W to 60S120W 90S140W to 80S120W 80N120W to 90N100W 60N120W to 80N100W 40N120W to 60N100W 20N120W to 40N100W 0N120W to 20N100W 20S120W to 0N100W 40S120W to 20S100W 60S120W to 40S100W 80S120W to 60S100W 90S120W to 80S100W 80N100W to 90N80W 60N100W to 80N80W 40N100W to 60N80W 20N100W to 40N80W 0N100W to 20N80W 20S100W to 0N80W 40S100W to 20S80W 60S100W to 40S80W 80S100W to 60S80W 90S100W to 80S80W 80N80W to 90N60W 60N80W to 80N60W 40N80W to 60N60W 20N80W to 40N60W 0N80W to 20N60W 20S80W to 0N60W 40S80W to 20S60W 60S80W to 40S60W 80S80W to 60S60W 90S80W to 80S60W 80N60W to 90N40W 60N60W to 80N40W 40N60W to 60N40W 20N60W to 40N40W 0N60W to 20N40W 20S60W to 0N40W 40S60W to 20S40W 60S60W to 40S40W 80S60W to 60S40W 90S60W to 80S40W 80N40W to 90N20W 60N40W to 80N20W 40N40W to 60N20W 20N40W to 40N20W 0N40W to 20N20W 20S40W to 0N20W 40S40W to 20S20W 60S40W to 40S20W 80S40W to 60S20W 90S40W to 80S20W 80N20W to 90N0E 60N20W to 80N0E 40N20W to 60N0E 20N20W to 40N0E 0N20W to 20N0E 20S20W to 0N0E 40S20W to 20S0E 60S20W to 40S0E 80S20W to 60S0E 90S20W to 80S0E 80N0E to 90N20E 60N0E to 80N20E 40N0E to 60N20E 20N0E to 40N20E 0N0E to 20N20E 20S0E to 0N20E 40S0E to 20S20E 60S0E to 40S20E 80S0E to 60S20E 90S0E to 80S20E 80N20E to 90N40E 60N20E to 80N40E 40N20E to 60N40E 20N20E to 40N40E 0N20E to 20N40E 20S20E to 0N40E 40S20E to 20S40E 60S20E to 40S40E 80S20E to 60S40E 90S20E to 80S40E 80N40E to 90N60E 60N40E to 80N60E 40N40E to 60N60E 20N40E to 40N60E 0N40E to 20N60E 20S40E to 0N60E 40S40E to 20S60E 60S40E to 40S60E 80S40E to 60S60E 90S40E to 80S60E 80N60E to 90N80E 60N60E to 80N80E 40N60E to 60N80E 20N60E to 40N80E 0N60E to 20N80E 20S60E to 0N80E 40S60E to 20S80E 60S60E to 40S80E 80S60E to 60S80E 90S60E to 80S80E 80N80E to 90N100E 60N80E to 80N100E 40N80E to 60N100E 20N80E to 40N100E 0N80E to 20N100E 20S80E to 0N100E 40S80E to 20S100E 60S80E to 40S100E 80S80E to 60S100E 90S80E to 80S100E 80N100E to 90N120E 60N100E to 80N120E 40N100E t0 60N120E 20N100E to 40N120E 0N100E to 20N120E 20S100E to 0N120E 40S100E to 20S120E 60S100E to 40S120E 80S100E to 60S120E 90S100E to 80S120E 80N120E to 90N140E 60N120E to 80N140E 40N120E to 60N140E 20N120E to 40N140E 0N120E to 20N140E 20S120E to 0N140E 40S120E to 20S140E 40S120E to 60S140E 60S120E to 80S140E 90S120E to 80S140E 80N140E to 90N160E 60N140E to 80N160E 40N140E to 60N160E 20N140E to 40N160E 0N140E to 20N160E 20S140E to 0N160E 40S140E to 20S160E 60S140E to 40S160E 80S140E to 60S160E 90S140E to 80S160E 80N160E to 90N180E 60N160E to 80N180E 40N160E to 60N180E 20N160E to 40N180E 0N160E to 20N180E 20S160E to 0N180E 40S160E to 20S180E 60S160E to 40S180E 80S160E to 60S180E 90S160E to 80S180E

NOT ALL FILES ARE INCLUDED (i.e. Just the GARS Shapefile)
ALL FILES ARE INCLUDED (i.e. Both the Falconview files AND Shapefiles)

Additional Links to GARS Files:

Point of Contact: Coordinate Systems Analysis Team
Phone (314) 676-9124, DSN 846-9124

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