Global Area Reference System: Australia Draw File Downloads

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10S120E to 15S125E :AREA_1 10S125E to 15S130E :AREA_2 10S130E to 15S135E :AREA_3 10S135E to 15S140E :AREA_4 10S140E to 15S145E :AREA_5 10S145E to 15S150E :AREA_6 15S115E to 20S120E :AREA_7 15S120E to 20S125E :AREA_8 15S125E to 20S130E :AREA_9 15S130E to 20S135E :AREA_10 15S135E to 20S140E :AREA_11 15S140E to 20S145E :AREA_12 15S145E to 20S150E :AREA_13 15S150E to 20S155E :AREA_14 20S110E to 25S115E :AREA_15 20S115E to 25S120E :AREA_16 20S120E to 25S125E :AREA_17 20S125E to 25S130E :AREA_18 20S130E to 25S135E :AREA_19 20S135E to 25S140E :AREA_20 20S140E to 25S145E :AREA_21 20S145E to 25S150E :AREA_22 20S150E to 25S155E :AREA_23 25S110E to 30S115E :AREA_24 25S115E to 30S120E :AREA_25 25S120E to 30S125E :AREA_26 25S125E to 30S130E :AREA_27 25S130E to 30S135E :AREA_28 25S135E to 30S140E :AREA_29 25S140E to 30S145E :AREA_30 25S145E to 30S150E :AREA_31 25S150E to 30S155E :AREA_32 30S110E to 35S115E :AREA_33 30S115E to 35S120E :AREA_34 30S120E to 35S125E :AREA_35 30S125E to 35S130E :AREA_36 30S130E to 35S135E :AREA_37 30S135E to 35S140E :AREA_38 30S140E to 35S145E :AREA_39 30S145E to 35S150E :AREA_40 30S150E to 35S155E :AREA_41 35S115E to 40S120E :AREA_42 35S135E to 40S140E :AREA_43 35S140E to 40S145E :AREA_44 35S145E to 40S150E :AREA_45 35S150E to 40S155E :AREA_46 40S140E to 45S145E :AREA_47 40S145E to 45S150E :AREA_48

GARS Shapefile (.shp) conversion to Falconview Drawing (.drw) files:
We can provide this service to convert GARS shapefiles into Falconview drawing files for use in Falconview and JMPS. Eventually the GARS drawing files will be made available on our websites for download, similar to the way the current GARS shapefiles are available. Contact us at (314) 676-9124 for more information.

Links to GARS Shapefile Files:

Point of Contact: Coordinate Systems Analysis Team
Phone: (314) 676-9124, DSN: 846-9124

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